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How Come No One Ever Talks About Creating a *Seller* Persona for Marketing?

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By now you know that in order to SELL anything or have a successfully operating business, you have to know who you’re talking to, what those people want, and what their problems are.

Right. Got it.

But so why does it feel like you’re still STRUGGLING to market effectively, build an engaged audience, sell to them and crush it in your business?

It’s ‘cuz you know who you’re selling to, but who you’re trying to sell to doesn’t know YOU.

you don't know me like that

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But this really isn’t new, though. You know that “people do biz with people who they like, know and trust.” Problem with biz maxims like that is we rarely put them into action.

Simply put: you’re spending far too much time tweaking that customer avatar and not enough time intentionally crafting your seller persona.

And one can’t exist without the other…not if you’re going to be successful, anyway.

Ya’ll know I talk about the importance of positioning often. It’s because positioning is the KEY to unlocking your business goals. Again, it goes back to that like, know and trust factor.

And you may be an expert, bada** business coach or you may make the slickest websites we’ve ever seen, but if you can’t communicate that clearly, then you’re still going to be stuck chasing down clients and customers to no avail.

…and that -ish is exhausting, bruh.

image courtesy of gifsoup.com

image courtesy of gifsoup.com

So just like your ideal customer has a story, you do to and you need to lean into that in order to strike up a relationship with him or her.

That’s exactly where the “Seller Persona” comes into play. It’s THE best way to position yourself, attract and communicate to folks you want to do biz with.

I know you’re wondering: How does it work? Where you start? How do I create one?

Buckle up, buttercup, this is gonna be a post packed with the exact ways you can tap into your own seller persona…

Now, you’re about to encounter over 2,000 words of marketing gems, so I’ve broken it up into 3 sections:

  1. Seller Persona Elements
  2. Identity Types
  3. Common Storylines

So, here we go…

Essentially, EVERY seller persona has these 4 elements:


‘Cuz people need to know who you are, where you come from and why you can call yourself an expert (and still be taken seriously).

image courtesy of gifsoup.com

image courtesy of gifsoup.com


These are snackable stories that help you illustrate your larger points. Basically, you need to ask yourself, “what would Jesus do?”

Cuz JC always had a stories that the kids could relate to, that they could understand and that they could apply to their lives.



You’re human, right? So you have flaws. Your customer has flaws, too. Honestly, the only person outchea without ’em is Beyonce.

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image courtesy of giphy.com

And you need to make sure you reveal just enough of yours to make he/she feel comfortable with engaging with you.

Remember the girl in high school with the perfect hair, perfect shape and the perfect boyfriend?

Yea, few people liked her and hardly anyone could relate to her. So don’t kill yourself trying to portray perfection; you’ll only make people feel like they can’t achieve what you say they can with your product or service.


Haterz…or just people who don’t quite rock with you like that. Look, I know you want everyone to like you. We’re socialized to seek affirmation.

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image courtesy of giphy.com

But if you don’t harness the power of polarity with your Seller Persona, you’ll not only struggle to sell… you’ll be a bore. What I mean is: not everyone is going to be your cup of tea. Own dat -ish.

Cuz nobody buys from Toe-the-line Tonya. Nobody.

Don’t be afraid to express your opinions and feel free to put your values on display.

Make people choose a side. Will you lose some followers? Sure. But guess what?

You’ll gain RAVING FANS in exchange. You know, those folks who will get keyboard gangsta on any internet troll that tries to come for you.

And who wouldn’t want some ride or die love?

A killer Seller Persona always has always has an IDENTITY to live up to.

Now, this isn’t about being something you’re not. Because folks can spot a fake a mile a way. It’s about embracing who you really are and leveraging that to connect with others.

Best part of what I’m sharing with you? You don’t have to rack your brain to try to CREATE an identity. You can just select one listed below (or combine the characteristics of a couple) and put your own flavor on it. Do you, boo boo!

Common Seller Persona Identities You Can Use…

The Leader

Basically, this is the person who may have a story similar to the story of their ideal customer(s), have been where their customers are, have faced what they’ve faced and have come out on the other side successfully.

The leader knows the way, has traveled the path and can show the way (all while warning their customers/audience of the pitfalls along the journey).


People who follow leaders usually look for guidance from these folks because they’ve been, there done that, and got the t-shirt.

An example of a Leader-type identity is my main money man, Dave Ramsey. He’s the money guru who hates debt with a passion and has found effective ways to help you eliminate yours…because he’s done it!

As a graduate of Financial Peace University, I’ve put Dave’s methods to use and they work. Now, he can sell me anything and I’ll be thirsty to buy it, cuz he has RECEIPTS!

The Explorer

This is someone who may not have all the answers, but they DEFINITELY aren’t afraid to try some stuff out find ’em. This identity type is usually very curious and loves to bring back insights to share with their audience or customers.


They’re different from leader types because, essentially, they’re learning along with you and find it better to have others along for the ride.

A popular example of this is Tim Ferriss, author of the 4 Hour Work Week. That dude tests more things than I ever will. And because of his curiosity, he’s built a super successful business sharing the answers he finds.

The Informant

No, this identity type isn’t a snitch…LOL! They are just someone who is seeking truth. They love asking questions of others, capturing stories and seeing what other people are doing to be successful.


So, they typically build brands and businesses from just talking to other experts and picking their brain…and sharing what they’ve learned publicly.

A good example of this is Oprah. The Queen Mother of Everything Amazing has done this exceptionally well. She was on daytime television for over 2 decades, gained massive popularity and a cult following from essentially being a reporter or an informant.

Millions of people knew they could trust Oprah to help them find truth, gain expert insight and ultimately share resources that would help them live their best lives.

The Involuntary Champ

This identity type is typically shy, reserved and introverted and doesn’t seek the spotlight. However, they know that they have the goods that can help other people!


They often struggle with “putting themselves out there” even if they have found solutions to customer problems. So it takes a lot for these folks to finally embrace their “calling” or being the face of their brands.

I know a LOT of people like this. But, they are so smart, so capable, talented and so amazing at what they do that they HAVE to emerge from the shadows and share what they have with the rest of the world.

A popular example of this is – believe it or not – Beyonce. If you notice, she hardly ever does any interviews and NEVER actively seeks the spotlight when she’s not on a stage (unlike those with the last name Kardashian).

Beyonce is super talented and some days, probably prefers to work behind the scenes, but she’s just got IT…

…that X factor, that makes it almost impossible to remain hidden. But, at the same time, she lets her work speak for itself. She’s moves like a real G…in silence, like lasagna. LOL…umm…we KNOW this because this queen has dropped TWO surprise albums without the typical promotional fanfare.

Now, these are the ONLY identities you can take on. There are others, but these are the common ones that I’ve seen work time and again. So, which one are you?

Remember when I said a successful Seller Persona always has a story? You don’t have to worry about trying to find one that works because I’ve got 6 powerful storylines that work for ANY industry and for ANY of the above identities.

Here are 6 storylines you can use at ANY time to connect with your customers…

(in your Facebook ads, YouTube vids, blog posts, email newsletters – the possibilities are endless)

Lose to Win

Basically, this storyline is one that starts out with epic failure or loss. You might have had everything and lost it or you might have experienced a devastating setback.

image courtesy of giphy.com

image courtesy of giphy.com

But guess what? You figured it out! You fought your way through! You came out on the other side.

Now? You’ve got lessons to share.

Why this works: everybody loves a create comeback story. It shows people that there’s hope for them if they experienced something similar and provides hope.

Us v. Them

You’ve seen examples of this storyline millions of times. There are even hashtags created around it: #Team___ v. #Team____.

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image courtesy of giphy.com

And if you’re reading this in the US, you KNOW what it is right now for us with this election going on. It’s Republicans v. Democrats.

Why it works: This storyline is good because it makes people choose a side.

Started From The Bottom…Now We’re Here

Drake isn’t the only one who can use that line. People have been using this principle for centuries.

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image courtesy of giphy.com

Call it before and after. Call it the ultimate come-up. Call it whatever you want, but this storyline is a powerful one that works for ANYONE.

Why it works: It shows the power of transformation. Plus, it lets people see where you came from and lets them know that they can do it, too.

Look What I Found!

If you’ve ever spend any amount of time with a small child, you know that their days are filled with wonder and excitement. They’re always discovering something new for the first time and are eager to share it with anyone who will listen.

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image courtesy of giphy.com

You can use this same enthusiasm to share things that you’ve discovered with your audience and customers.

Why this works: This storyline is great for getting people interested and signing up for your webinars, workshops and live events because when communicated correctly…they’ll be excited that they’ve finally found the answers to questions they have.

Pssst. OR Tea-Spilling

I don’t care if you’re 16 or 86, we ALL love to be in on a secret. Your customers love secrets, too – but only if you’re willing to share with them.

That’s why gossip blogs, magazines and TV shows are so huge.

Why this works: It’s in our human nature to be nosey and to seek out “the tea.” We just can’t resist.

The Testimonial

I could’t leave this out! Testimonials are stories, ya’ll! They are powerful stories from third parties that you can use to demonstrate that OTHER people have found success using your products or services.

image courtesy of giphy.com

image courtesy of giphy.com

You know they say that the best kind of advertising and promotion is through word of mouth. So leverage dat -ish!

Gather as many client testimonials as you can!

Why this works: Sharing other people’s success with your products and programs provides powerful social proof and helps people trust you as an authority/expert faster.

Whew…that was a doozy. So there you have it. The EXACT way you can craft your own Seller Persona.

Think of your Seller Persona as a “major key” <—see what I did there?! to unlocking the desires of those who make up your customer avatar.

It’s the perfect way to position yourself in the minds of your ideal clients as THE GO-TO. Cuz I’m tryna help you get chose!

Seriously. Pair this with your client avatar and watch how your business transforms.

Talk to me! I’m curious to hear: which identity do you most align with? And can you guess MINE?

Courtney Herring

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