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Let’s Break Down the Secret To Persuasive Sales Once And For All

By September 7, 2016 No Comments

You either “got it” or you don’t, kid.

That’s the lie we often believe about “sales”.

It’s like we think the ability to sell stuff is some elusive super power, only granted to certain people at birth.

…That’s what I used to believe, at least.

And it’s that belief about sales that keeps us stagnant, broke, and out of the game all together.

But it’s wrong.

Now, are some people better at it than others? Yes. But…


Great salesmen (or sales women) are made; not born. (That means you’ve got what it takes).

Do you remember the first dollar you ever made in your business? The moment when you finally made the sale? The time when you convinced someone to part with their hard earned coins in exchange for something valuable you offered?

Exhilarating, wasn’t it? Made you want to do it again and again, didn’t it?

Well, it wasn’t just some fluke. There was a process you took your customer through and you ain’t e’em know it. LOL.


I believe that if you can make $1, you can make $10,000…$100k…and even a MILLI.

But first, you have to shift the way you think about sales (especially if you’re a service provider, coach or consultant of ANY kind).

We all know that in business, sales cure all. It’s the elixir that allows us to keep the doors open, the payroll flowin’ and the wheels churning in our biz. But how come so many people are so intimidated by the concept?

Perhaps it’s because if you don’t have enough sales, soon and VERY soon, you won’t have a business.

It’s a scary thought. But one that shouldn’t paralyze you into oozing desperation and into believing it’s DO OR DIE every time you’re on the phone with a potential customer.

You’re not some sleazy, slick-talking used car dealer here. (At least I HOPE you aren’t.)

You’re a business leader who has something valuable to offer the world. You’re great at what you do and you deserve to have a business that reflects that.

What would your business look like if you made one more additional sale this week…this month…or heck, this year?

Well, this post could be a game changer for your approach to “making the sale” CONSISTENTLY in your biz.

But first, confession time: I used to HATE consultations.

I loved the work, but man did I HATE the process that required me to GET the work: the calls. Ugh.

My hands would clam up. My voice would get all screechy. I’d get all nervous and start stammering.

I tried doing the “power pose” minutes before the call. I tried outlining exactly what I was going to say beforehand. I tried it all.

But you know what? Those tactics alone got me NOWHERE. I was just wasting my time taking these calls that always ended with the prospect saying – awkwardly, “okay, well, I have to think about it some more and I’ll get back to you.”

And guess what? They never did.

Has that ever happened to you?

Looking back, I knew what the problem was: I didn’t have the confidence or the strategy in place I needed to turn a conversation into an actual commitment from my prospect.

It wasn’t until I changed my approach to sales that I started seeing a dramatic increase in the number of clients, projects and DOLLARS rolling into my biz.

I’m going to share with you how I managed to change my approach and why the pay off has:

  • Allowed me to earn $14,599 EXTRA for my biz (and counting)
  • Increased my closing/conversion rate (it’s at 80%).
  • Shortened my sales cycle dramatically
  • Helped me weed out the tire kickers, freebie seekers and price shoppers.
  • Positioned me as THE best person for prospective customers to entrust their business to regarding copywriting and digital marketing strategy.
  • Increase my cash flow and profits
  • Eliminated the mere THOUGHT of asking for a discount from my customer’s minds.

And ultimately…changed the game for my business (and how it can for you, too).

But first, you gotta understand that sales is a sweet science, not some elusive art form that only a select few people “get” or are “good” at.

And contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be an outgoing extrovert to be great at sales.

You don’t have to spend all day cold-calling people with canned spiels to peddle your products or services, either.

And nope, I know what you’re thinking…

You won’t have to constantly (and annoyingly) pitch your stuff up in every Facebook group, on IG or on Twitter all day every day.

I’m sure by now you’re asking, BUT HOW, SWAY?!

Instead, I believe that every entrepreneur (ESPECIALLY those of you who are consultants, service providers and coaches) should approach sales first and foremost as a relationship-building conversation (or series of convos). In fact, marketing and biz GOAT Jay Abraham calls it “Consultative Sales.”

Here’s why:

If people are coming to you, it’s obvious that they believe you have a solution they don’t have themselves. You’re the expert, remember? Start acting like it.

What does that even mean, though?

It means you’ve got to position yourself as your customer’s #1 trusted advisor in the industry or niche you’re serving.

Act as a doctor would. Help your prospects get what they want by taking the right steps to accurately identify the problem and sell them the cure.


Sound too easy to be true?

Ok. You do have a point there, which is why I’m going to break down the HOW so you can do this yourself.

It’s chess, not checkers, my friend.

There are 7 simple steps I use when we’re having a conversation with a prospect (that leads to a sale about 80% of the time)

1. Establish Trust.


I believe that to sell is to serve. It’s why I’m in business (and it needs to be why you’re in business, too).

So, I immediately make it known that I’m here for THEM. It also helps to exhibit empathy. It’s the one human emotion that elicits connection, relationship-building and most importantly, TRUST. It’s also the common thread that makes the rest of what I’m about to share with you work.

Here’s why this is KEY to nailing the sale: you have to make your prospective customer feel comfy enough to divulge what their real problem is.

Here’s what happens when their walls are up: you get surface-level answers, they’ll keep you at arm’s length and you’ll NEVER be able to present him/her with the best solution to address their REAL problem.

So you have to set the stage for a conversation to occur before even THINKING about selling them ANYTHING.

No trust. No (real) fruitful conversation. No sale.

2. Take control of the conversation.

I often talk about the power of positioning and how your customer wants a guide and not a hero.

In order for this sales conversation to go anywhere, you have to take control of it. After all, that’s why your potential customer is coming to YOU for answers!


I always like to map out how the conversation will go before jumping in.

Here’s why this is KEY to nailing the sale: You think YOU’RE nervous? TUH. You prospect is nervous, too! They know they have a problem, but that’s it! They’re looking to YOU for guidance. So if you can help ease their mind during the conversation by getting in the driver’s seat they won’t feel so uncertain or uncomfortable.

Remember this: you’re an expert, problem solver; not a glorified order taker.

3. Listen more than you speak (by asking the right questions).

Yep, you read that right. Nope, I’m not contracting myself with what I just said above.

Even though you’re going to take control of the conversation, you gotta listen more than you speak… because the only way to present the best solution to your prospect is to truly get to the bottom of what they want or what they’re struggling with.


One of my mentors once said that if you’re on a sales call and you’re talking for more than 10% of the conversation, you’re doing it wrong.

So how in the heck are you going to take control of the conversation, but let your prospect speak for 90% of it?!

Here’s why this is KEY to nailing the sale: The ONLY way to listen more than you speak is is if you’re asking the right questions.

Asking the right questions will help you:

  • Identify the exact need of your customer
  • Figure out where they are with the problem RIGHT now.
  • Understand what it’s costing them having that need unanswered
  • Get to the bottom of feelings they experience as a result of having that need
  • Figure out what will motivate them to invest in a solution

So when you DO speak, you’ll add incredible value because you would have heard them out.

4. Identify their happy ending.

Your prospect might have a pressing problem, but they also need to know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel (YOUR offer, service, product, etc).

Find out what would REALLY need to happen in order for them to feel like they’ve reached their particular goal.


This is typically called “future pacing” and it’s a subtle, persuasive strategy that helps your customer visualize a new future for themselves or their business.

Here’s why this is KEY to nailing the sale: You have to help your prospective customer imagine how much further along they COULD be. What does tomorrow look like for them once the problem is solved? Failing to do this will make it almost impossible to get them to buy into your solution and get them onboard as a client or customer.

5. Figure out when they want the solution.

This is a KEY qualifying question that will help you to weed out the tire-kickers, freebie seekers and folks who will ultimately waste your time.


You need someone who’s willing to move NOW toward a solution.

Here’s why this is KEY to nailing the sale: You ever notice how car salesman will do almost anything to get you to stay on the lot? It’s because they know that 9 times out of 10, if you tell them you’ll be back…you won’t.

If your prospect isn’t ready to make a decision and commit to their transformation, commit to getting the solution and commit to solidifying a better future for themselves or their business…

…then they likely aren’t ready to be your customer yet. No use wasting your time presenting them with a solution if they aren’t ready to move on it.

6. Present them with a solution that fits their need.

You’ve heard their problems, you’ve helped them visualize where they could be once the problem is solved.


Now, it’s time for you to give ‘em what they’ve been looking for.

Every other step mentioned above has paved the way for you to offer them something that meets their unique needs.

Here’s why this is KEY to nailing the sale: For obvious reasons, this is the way you’re going to communicate value so your prospect can feel confident about parting with their money in exchange for what you have to offer. BUT they will only do it if they:

  • Feel like they can trust you
  • Are persuaded you are the best option to entrust their business with
  • Believe what you have to offer is worth the investment and will address their needs or desires.

You may think that’s the last step, but it isn’t. There’s juuuust one more…

7. Call them to action.

You’ve done the hard part already: you’ve established trust, you’ve identified the problem, figured out when they want to get rid of said problem and presented them with the solution.


Thing is, the process is not complete until you ASK for the sale.

Now, I know this is the part that trips a lot of people up. It was hard for me to come right out and ask for the sale, but I realized that if I didn’t allll that hard work I mentioned before would have been in vain.

So now’s not the time to punk out. Go ‘head…finish the job. Your prospect’s next step shouldn’t be ambiguous.

Here’s why this is KEY to nailing the sale: As the guide driving this whole conversation, you must understand that much of the time, your prospects take their cues from you. They want to be led…and they want you to be SPECIFIC.

This means, it’s your responsibility to not only present them with the offer, but to make it CLEAR that the next step for them is to invest in themselves by taking you up on it.

Tell ‘em what to do, why they need to do it and the benefits they’ll reap if they do…and the consequences that will result if they choose to delay.

You might be thinking…that’s great, Courtney, but what exactly do I SAY during these conversations? What questions do I ask to get to the bottom of my prospect’s problems? And how do I structure the conversation in a way that makes the sale the next logical step?

I gotchu, boo! Never fear or totally BOMB a sales call, discovery call, consultation, strategy session (or whatever you wanna call it) ever again.

Get the exact tool I use to help me position myself as the expert, guide the conversation, ask all the right questions and CLOSE THE SALE!

Courtney Herring (5)

As a matter of fact, it helps me keep my closing rate at 80% (which means that 8 out of 10 people that get on the phone with me end up becoming clients).

I’ve managed to rake in a whopping $14,599 in sales (and counting) using this ONE script.


It works for ANY industry.

It makes the call conversational.

Most importantly, it allows you to sell with ease – not sleaze.

Think of it this way: even if you closed just ONE more client using the Ultimate Persuasive Sales Call Script at – let’s say… $200 for a one-time sale…

…it pays for itself nearly 7 times over.


…print it, download it, laminate that sucker and use it OVER and OVER again.

Courtney Herring

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