She did what?!

I’ve been enamored with words and ways to communicate since I was 11 months old (that’s when I started talking and I haven’t shut up since!)

Now, I don’t exactly remember this, but my mom brags about it like it’s gospel: one day while she was packing up her lunch for work, she sat me on the kitchen counter, peeled a sticker off a container and stuck it to my head (you can now see why I’m a little – ahem – eclectic).

I peeled that sticker off and said, “that says Rubbermaid, Mom!”

I was right…at just 3 years old. Not actually believing I could read 3 syllable words and thinking was I said was just a fluke, she didn’t say anything to anyone else. She thought I was just regurgitating some marketing message I had seen. (foreshadowing?!)

Fast forward a couple weeks later, she tossed an old Rx bottle away in the bathroom waste basket. I picked it up and politely reminded her that she had 2 refills left.

Convinced that I could read, she bought every “big-girl” book she could…the Nancy Drew series, Encyclopedia Brown, The Babysitter’s Club, Chronicles of Narnia…and I devoured them like a fat kid eating warm Krispy Kreme donuts. It was a love affair and my appetite couldn’t be quenched.

So…that little trick parents often use to spell out words to keep kids out of grown folk convos? Didn’t work on me…no siree.

The Power of Persuasion

Courtney’s abilities to read AND talk were a lethal combination.  Because it also meant I knew how to persuade. I talked my parents into believing I could do anything.

Although I was a daddy’s girl, I had to really make a compelling case in order for momma bear to open the wallet and invest in some of my harebrained shenanigans.

I did.

At 5, I was convinced I could rollerblade just like all the other big kids in the neighborhood. There was just one thing… I had NEVER done it in my life. Mom knew this. But she still decided to level with me: if I could skate with ‘em in the store, I could take ‘em home. Soon after I was zipping around Toys R Us…and dusting the big kids in the ‘hood.

I told her I could teach myself French (and all she needed to do was buy the cassettes and workbook!) at 7. Before she knew it, I was counting in French.

At 13, I walked into my new middle school and talked the band director into letting me play percussion for the 8th grade band (without a LICK of experience…or an audition). Within a week, the ‘rents and I were standing in the music store picking out drumsticks and a practice pad for a snare drum.

Then, at 15, because I loved Jimi Hendrix, I told my parents that I could play guitar like him. So they bought me an electric guitar, amplifiers, got me a guitar teacher…and let me rock out loudly in my room for hours at a time (sooo much teenaged angst).

Turns out, others believed and invested in me, too. And this time, it wasn’t precocious shenanigans.

At 18, I wrote an essay that won me a full-ride scholarship to undergrad (take THAT, Sally Mae!).  

And at 20, after a horrible summer research experience, I marched into the dean of Communication’s office at a Big 10 university (where I was NOT enrolled as a student) to voice my complaints.

Pleased by my initiative (and my research), the dean promptly help me get rid of my advisor, paired me up with a new one and promised that if I applied for grad school there, I’d get in. He kept his promise. Plus, they covered my tuition AND paid me a monthly living stipend.

I didn’t realize I was marketing and selling in all these scenarios. And growing up, being a professional marketer was never on my radar. The funny thing is that my life-long dream was always to be a television journalist.

The Champ is here!

But it should have been painfully clear: marketing and copywriting were where I flourished But, that epiphany didn’t come overnight.

After some meandering (and a LOT of dead-end jobs, frustration and disillusionment), I finally embraced my calling as a digital marketing strategist and copywriter.

I did it just in time, because that’s when social media and online platforms exploded.

And I was there as an early adopter of the tools, learning and implementing ways to make thought-leaders, experts and their businesses more visible online.

Once I knew I had something going for me and gained enough momentum, I decided to start my own business. I named it The Champ Media Agency.

It’s an homage to my mom and her unshakeable belief in my capabilities. Because even before I knew I was a winner or what winning was,  she nicknamed me “Champ”…and that’s been my name ever since.

Maybe it’s because she knew I’d be one all along.

The heart of a “champ.” That’s the heart I have toward serving my clients. And I always go all in because I understand that your success is my success.

Since I decided to step into my calling, I’ve worked with some great, 6-figure brands and businesses on a mission to make a huge impact on the world. Lucky for me, they’ve graciously entrusted me with their vision.

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