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The 1 Thing You Need To Do To Prevent Customers and Clients From Backing Out On You (Before You Can Deliver the Product or Start the Project)…

By September 20, 2017 No Comments

As a biz owner, one of the WORST feelings in the world is having a client or customer back out on you before you can even get to work on their project or deliver their product…

By that I mean: chargebacks, changing their mind about hiring you, or dropping out of your program.

…Even AFTER they’ve signed the contract and/or made a purchase.

I feels like cruel and unusual punishment, right?

So, if this has happened to you OR if you want to prevent this from happening to you in the future, watch this vid where I explain how you can combat contracts and customers from falling through by┬ádoing just 1 thing…

(Hint: it has NOTHING to do with creating an airtight contract that’s the equivalent of a straight jacket once signed)


Sound off: tell me about a time where you used this strategy. What did you do?

Courtney Herring

Author Courtney Herring

Courtney is a Digital Marketing Strategist here to help coaches, authors, speakers and influencers turn their expertise into even more profits. She helps them get their next brilliant offer out of their heads and launched into the online marketplace!

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