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The One Thing Your Website Is Probably Missing (That Could Net You MORE Sales, Leads and Consults)

By September 29, 2016 No Comments


If I had a dollar for every time told me they wanted to “revamp” their website…

…well, let’s just say, I’d be pecking these keys while on a beach in Santorini. STRAIGHT CHILLIN’.

Look, I get it. Websites are virtual pieces of real estate that say a lot about you before you get to even interact with a customer over the phone or in person.

It’s easy to feel like yours is inadequate when you take a peek at thousands of others (especially your competitors).

*Announces over a bullhorn: step. away. from. the. browser.*

Your “web presence” is important, but I’m willing to bet things you’ve been seduced into believing about it (by well-meaning, hustlin’ web developers) aren’t critical to the success of your business.

We already know the Google gods favor sites that are fast, mobile friendly and responsive. So, unless you’re getting your web themes or site developed by someone stuck in the 90s, most of the options out there are fine.

Imagery is huge, so nice, big pictures and even a video or two are a plus.

And as much as I love the written word, people ain’t reading like they used to…

…not with attention spans hovering at 8 seconds (less than a goldfish. Can you believe this foolery?!), our collective ADHD is NOT here for wading through unbroken paragraphs of copy. Folks ain’t trying to read a when they land on your site.

But even if you muck up all those things I mentioned above, you still shouldn’t be guilty of the ONE THING most brands and businesses fail to add to their sites…

Are you ready?

It’s much simpler than you think.

That thing is a call to action button.


As a matter of fact, there should be MULTIPLE on your site – especially that homepage.

Without question, this is the single biggest thing that makes it harder (if not impossible) for you to nab more sales, leads and consults from your website.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen brands spend THOUSANDS on a website, only to neglect the most important thing: a call to action. 

Here’s what I mean…

When people navigate to your site – regardless of how they get there, they want to simply know which button to press to talk to you, to buy from you, or to hear more from you (by being added to your email list).

It’s like we’re all toddlers who just want something tactile to explore.

And because we all have ADHD, we’re not trying to spend all day figuring it out (especially those of us who navigate websites on mobile devices).


So your job is to make it painfully obvious which button they should press when they land on your digital front door.

And those buttons should be sprinkled EVERYWHERE on your site, like bread crumbs, gently leading them to take some kind of action or next step with you.

Are you selling products? Make sure you have a BUY NOW button everywhere your products are (and even when they’re being discussed on your site).

Are you selling services? You need a BOOK/SCHEDULE NOW button in multiple areas of your site so that you can start conducting more consults.

You know those super long sales letters or landing pages you encounter on the web? All the good ones break up the messaging with calls to action throughout.

Here’s why…

They always take the “temperature” of the prospect into account.

So, if there’s a prospect who is pretty much sold on the product or service or the brand already, they have the opportunity to skip all the formalities and smack the buy button pretty soon after they land on the page.

But for those people who need a little more convincing and nudging…

For those who have to read on and warm up to the messaging, they need more time to think about making a buying decision. So they travel on down the page…and when they do decide to purchase…whaddya know?! There’s a BUTTON or link right there for them to click.


No matter where your web visitors are on your site, they should never be too far away from being able to press a button.

Lemme give you some visual examples.

Take my website for example (hey! This post would be worthless if I didn’t walk the talk). Notice the call-to-action button is immediately visible on the top right hand corner of the site (where the arrows are). You ain’t e’em gotta scroll to know what you should do to inquire about my services, shawty!


Another one of my favorites is LeadPages. When you land on the site, there’s no mistaking what the next step is. It’s either one of two things: 1). Watch the demo for how their product works or 2). Start using LeadPages to build your landing page.

You’re hit with THREE buttons before you even have to scroll. Leadpages does this Call-to-action thing like  BOSS.



Finally, to show you how your visitors should never be too far from a call-to-action button  (regardless of where they are on your site)…Here’s an video screencast of me navigating Bench’s website. Click the image below to see the vid.



Now, let’s hop on over to e-commerce.

On of my favorite places to get sunglasses does a great job of making it easy for me to buy from them as soon as I hit the page.

Ain’t no mistaking it…the “Shop Styles” button lets me know exactly what I need to do when I want to re-up on my ever-growing sunglasses collection.



*DJ Khaled voice: ANOTHER ONE*…

2016-09-29_1747 This site: BDonnas.com does a good job of not just showing you the latest shoes to lust after, but of letting you know exactly what you can do to make them yours (on EACH ITEM!).Notice that BDonnas didn’t hit you with just the price. They hit you with the “YOU LIKE? BUY!” kinda call-to-action. And as soon as you hit the Add To Cart button…

BAM. Another page opens up with a detailed description of the shoe, its availability and a menu to choose my size. Then I can REALLY add it to my cart. Easy. Peasy.


That, my friends, is how the call to action is done.

Quite honestly, I’ve seen some of UGLIEST sites rake in more cash than most of these prettified sites could ever WISH to because of one simple thing…they had an effective, obvious call to action.

So before you spend thousands to hire a web developer to revamp your site (yet again), make sure your website has enough buttons for people to press, so you can start netting more sales, leads and consults.

…THEN you can start thinking about revamping it for aesthetics.

Got it? Good.

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