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Is Your Business REALLY Ready to “Go Viral?”: 3 Reasons Why Virality Hurts More Than Helps

By September 25, 2017 No Comments

Can we take a quick moment to thank the sweet baby Jesus for the Facebook group called Beard Game Matters?! (<–single ladies, you’re welcome! ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s the kind of levity I needed after a week filled with Trump tweets, protests and natural disasters.

To give you some context (if you don’t already know what’s going on)…there’s a dude named Mike McMillan had a beard care product line that he wanted to get more exposure for, so he decided to create this group called Beard Gang Matters for beard appreciators all around the world. (HALLELUJAH!!)

This HUGE Facebook group (over 1 MILLION members as I’m typing) went viral in just a matter of DAYS because Mike was able to tap into a niche that was ready and willing to engage. So, kudos to him on that.ย 

Handsome menfolk are in there thirst trapping and I’m all the way here for it (and living vicariously because I’m very engaged – but a girl still has eyes, amirite?!)

So let’s talk about what YOU need to get YOUR biz ready for this kind of exposure and attention…

Cuz…I’m all for “going viral,” but if your biz isn’t set up properly to turn ATTENTION into COLD HARD CASH, then you’re going to waste an opportunity (and I don’t want any of you to do that).

Popularity is good, but PROFITS are better.

Because you are part of my tribe, I created a quick video sharing the 3 reasons why going viral can hurt your biz more than it helps…

TLDW (Too long. Didn’t watch). Here’s a short and sweet version of what I said in the vid:

1). If you don’t have the proper marketing automation or system to turn the attention you get into sales/customers/clients, you’ve wasted an opportunity;

2). FB groups are great, but there’s a danger in building your house on rented land. Treat social media platforms like ad platforms. So you need a way to capture prospect contact info (email addresses, phoneย #s, etc) so you can reach back out to them again and again at will to offer products/services (outside of social media);

3). Going viral is the “holy grail” that too many people strive for, but while everyone is talking about you…everyone won’t necessarily BUY from you. Do you want to be POPULAR or do you want to be PROFITABLE? If it’s the latter, see #1 and make sure you have it in place BEFORE you go viral.

Are you ready for your 15 minutes of fame?

I’m here to tell ya that you need a marketing system with a message that makes people MOVE. Need that? Let’s chat.

Courtney Herring

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