I help creatives, coaches, consultants and purpose driven business leaders inject emotion and personality in their marketing messages to connect with their tribe, confidently communicate their value and grow their bottom line with words that make them money (without comprising their voice or values).

Equipping purpose-driven business leaders with the right words to market themselves online is best darn job a girl could ask for.

Whoever said “if you build it, they will come” is a liar.

…and they deserve a good punch in the face.

Where did that horrible saying come from, anyway? (Oh! I know…it’s from the movie Field of Dreams. Figures.)

That genius clearly didn’t realize just how much noise there is online. We get pummeled with thousands of marketing daily…

And because of it…your powerful messages and savvy solutions are getting lost in the sauce.

That’s no bueno for your purpose, your businesses or your profits.

But that’s why I’m here…to help attract the perfect audience to your message, mission and business like moths to a flame.

Listen, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but…

You can be GREAT and STILL be unknown.

Maybe you’re tired of being the “best kept secret.” Let’s face it: that’s cute for the starving artist types, but it won’t work for your business.

Having that distinction only leaves you broke, busted and disgusted. Plus, it makes what you do just an expensive hobby…and an epic waste of time.

Back in the day, the name of the game was simply about outshining your competition. “Be so good they can’t ignore you,” they said.

The game has changed completely.

Now? The power is in clear messaging and unbeatable positioning so that you can be perceived as the BEST choice to fulfill your ideal customers’ needs.

Having a sound online marketing strategy and strong copy are necessary to win the kind of customers and make the kind of impact that inspires you to do the happy dance.

Truth is: It’s a jungle out there. I’m here to help you get out alive.

And as someone leading a business, you have to be unapologetically ruthless about how you spend your time to experience any sliver of success.

If you’re trying to navigate the always-evolving online marketing terrain alone, chasing new ways to trick the new Facebook, Instagram and Twitter algorithms…

If you’re throwing all your money into the Facebook/Instagram ad abyss, without a sound strategy to attract leads and customers…

If you’re busy throwing a bunch of stuff against the wall and hoping it sticks…

If you’re acting like a course-junkie, stock-piling new marketing info like the Internet apocalypse is nigh…

… you’re hustling backwards.

Because, #realtalk: your time is better spent doing what you do best – instead of getting stuck in the muck that comes with marketing it.

Running a biz is hard enough. Partner with someone (me!) who knows how to create the RIGHT sales messages for your business so you can finally get the leads, customers and sales you’ve been DYING for (all while helping you keep your precious sanity in tact). 

Cuz I have a particular set of skillz.

Like Liam Neeson, these skills I have can set your business on fire.

There’s 1 thing I do REALLY well: direct response copywriting (I can also make a mean veggie lasagna, that’ll make a carnivore lick his fingers and toes. But that useless piece of trivia won’t exactly help you grow a biz).

And I love to use my marketing superpowers for good to help your business flourish with words that make you money…so that you can do even more good in the world.

I understand the challenge of staying visible in a world with so many distractions.

It’s why I’m passionate about pairing strategy with persuasive messages to help people like you attract more leads in your pipeline, serve more customers and close more sales.

But, it all starts with you.

You want to get seen, get heard, make change and get paid.

And the best place to get started is by scheduling a complimentary strategy session with me.

That way, I can learn all about your needs so we can map a plan to get you headed in the right direction.

So, put me in the game, coach!

Get started. Book your strategy session now!